Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not him and her, but him and him (mm) ~ Part 2

Resting but never still
Fingers trace the patterns
Of a knowing playmate

Stirring deep passion
Thought to already been released
Yet still remaining within

Skin slowly rubbing
As each moves
In their re-exploration

Fingers slide down long backs
Wrapping around firm cheeks
Pressing the other closer

Their shafts rub slowly
Growing with the desire
And ever increasing need

Cheeks part in knowing hands
Fingers travel lower
Along the center line

The first brush of fingertip
And the first bit of pressure
Sending sparks throughout

Disappearing for a moment
Returning wet and cool with lube
The finger rubs in circles

Ever growing
The need, the pressure
The openness he feels

Hips thrusting slowly
Alternating between rubbing cocks
And pressing fingers

Finger sliding in
Welcomed by the openness
As moans describe its entry

Endless dance of desire
Wanting more, given more
Passion rising every moment

Lips and tongue grow more urgent
As hips proclaim their needs
And fingers do not become enough

Bodies press together,
Parting to change position
A momentary sense of loss

Then the sense of being found
Desire and moans guide him in
Hips pressing back in eagerness

Till bodies merge,
Rhythmic thrusting of hips
Hands, with purpose, wrap around

Fingers encircling a hard cock
Stroking, matching the rhythm
Of the pounding desire

Thoughts fill with need
Bodies with pleasure,
Desire driving harder

Then all is forgotten,
there is only pleasure
And the echoing of moans

As two lovers cum,
One deep within,
the other covering their bodies


Anonymous breakaway said...

Wow, you are incredible. Very happy to find your blog . . .

3:27 p.m.  

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