Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Curious...

What message would your eyes send
when they first meet mine?

How would it feel to wrap my arms around you
in greeting of friendship, spark with more?

Where would our conversations take us,
communicated by eyes, words, and thoughts?

Who would move first,
or would we both move together?

Which place would I touch first
and which place would you?

How would you feel pressed against me
with the electric current running through our touching bodies?

Where would my lips first brush,
across your lips, your jaw, your neck?

How would you taste,
when my tongue flicks over your skin?

Who would undo the first button,
pull off the first shirt, run fingers on uncovered skin?

What would you look like,
Standing naked in front of my bare body?

Where would my eyes travel
as they drink in the sight of you?

How quickly would we explore,
hurried frenzy of need or slow delight?

When would you reach your peak,
And how soon would I follow you to climax?

What would you look like as you cum
sound like, smell like during and after?

What would you be like
laying with me in blissful pleasure?


Blogger Spirit said...

The experience would be sensational, and quite possibly ....spiritual.

1:09 p.m.  

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