Sunday, November 19, 2006


What I want is time…

To spend starring into your eyes,
Merging our souls together

To talk of life, of who we are
Sharing our inner selves

To touch, skin against skin
A simple act, amazing pleasure

To ease away your worries,
As well as mine

To walk together, side by side
Our footsteps etched in the ground

To watch the emotions
In your face, in your eyes

To explore slowly,
With thoughts, with words, with acts

To feel you close,
Enough to melt into you

To hold you near,
With light caresses or firm pressure

To breathe you in,
Your scent that is intrinsically you

To experience your pulse,
Racing against my own

To see your face,
As you give in and find release

But most of all…
To not be interrupted or pulled away,
But to simply be…with you


Blogger Spirit said...

Your words make it so easy to read over and over again ...
Loved this ...a very special dedication.

6:40 p.m.  
Anonymous sweat shop sissy said...

i love your writing. i wanted to send you a christmas card telling you as much, but i can't find it.
it was a very nice card...a girl in a maids outfit. 1920's postcard with music. it's cute. i think my goddess is making me a maids outfit for xmas...lucky me;o)

anyway, i hope santa is good to you and '07 is wonderful.



6:51 a.m.  

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