Saturday, January 20, 2007


Who says there needs to be an order, a recipe for play? Would teasing your fingers slowly, caressing each one be less enjoyable if it came after I had run my fingers along your thigh?

Imagine not knowing what to expect, being free from the belief you know, and being able to simply experience pleasure and excitement.

"Leave your assumptions at the door" I whisper, my lips brushing against your ear as your remember. Not a new idea after this night, but perhaps before it. This evening so far had been unusual for you, an adventure you were excited to continue even if it did not fit your expectations. Your plan had been to go for dinner, stop at the restaurant's lounge, ask a women to join you, she would agree in the usual indirect way women usually do, casual conversation would following with the hope of sparks, then offer to take her home, a kiss at the door step and maybe an invite inside. That was an evening out, or so you thought. Instead your evening had gone down a different path, if you could even call it a path for there appeared no linear order to the sequence of events, yet you had travelled and in that exploration changed your outlook...even if only for the night till the morning brought back assumptions of order again.

The restaurant was one you had been to before, so the setting was familiar, reinforcing your expectations of the usual path for such an location. You check your reservation, then walked to the bar, finding a seat. Glacing around you notice a woman, a prospective companion for the night. You smile, she smile back, right on schedule. A casual comment, a switching of seats, and you are next to her. You begin to flirt a bit, just enough to see she is open to such advances. Causal conversation occurs next, but soon becomes more interesting as talk of what influences who one is grows out of simple comments. Talk of assumptions follows, not fitting your own assumptions of the usual order of topics. Assumptions about people, about oneself, about the very order the conversation challenged. You are flirting more, the usual series of touches, looks and comments. Then she touches you, not in the way most women would, but in a sensuous play along your fingers. As your thoughts engage her's and your mind explores with her, her and your fingers dance, caress and explore each other's. Far more powerful in their arousal than you would have expected from such an area, add to the desire building from the words spoken and those only hinted at. Hands parting, your nearer hand finds her thigh, trying your usual play. Hers travels up your arm and neck. Discussing order and your assumptions about playing, not the conversation you expected or have had, her fingers caress your thigh, close to what you desire her to touch. Most people she says assume that if one's hand is where her hand is the hand would move upwards, her fingers do nearly touching you, but she says one can start in the same place and explore in a different direction, caressing down to your knee in demonstration. Her fingers return to yours, dancing with them as you talk. Surreal, and in a place filled with people you explore with words and fingers how expectations, including those about order and people, are ideas not necessarily reality. Boxes are not meant to fit people in, and expectations could blind you from seeing opportunities.

Even in the public location your shiver with pleasure as she teases you; with no order to her play you expectations are tossed to the side no longer needed. Your finger tease her clit through her clothes as you kiss her cheek. Breathing in the scent of her skin as he does yours. Quick or long and slow play intermixed with conversation, and interruptions from the world. You know what you want, especially as her teasing and your own hand bring you near climax restrained only by the location and potential mess. She cums, her fingers one yours as you press against her clit. Such pleasure, revealed in eyes and slow whispers to each other, mostly hidden from nearby others by circumstance and careful concealing.

Plans are made for later, discussion about locations. Your mind wandering off to dream about possibilities, only to be asked if the play was ordered upon your return to reality. It was. You has listened and discussed but not truely applied the lesson to even your dreams. Perhaps more discussion is needed.

Lips never meeting you push other boundaries, stepping out of the expected order to dance a new dance of your own combined creation. Time in the restaurant has ended, decision made not to say goodbye or simply fade away now. Exiting the place, pausing to grab a early breakfast, talking again of casual and playful ideas in the free intermixing of our closeness. Plans made to go somewhere nearby, directions obtained, excitement builiding of the possibilities with an open mind to what the sequence would be. Casual appearance to the world, heated desire within, surreal moment in time. Comfortable casualness as we approach the room, entering it, taking a moment to refresh and gather ourselves, knowing there is no need for expectations or meeting of such things. Falling into each others arms, passionate exploration, pause for hands to play, pulling off of clothes, great desire to go back to the order with is known ending, returning to the moment and leaving expectations, fingers exploring own bodies as you both watch, touching as you lay near each other, pleasure and desire burning in eyes and skin. Words moaned, whispered, spoken in encouragement, and play. Urgency building as it had earlier, calling for release, pausing to tease some more, then words spoken encouraging our mutual release as your fingers, invited to, wrap over hers. Feeling her wetness and heat, as you cum hard, and she responds in equal release. Facing each other as you both lay, watching, enjoying sharing the peaks of pleasure. Talking, teasing, a moment of simply looking, holding each other in your mind and eyes, then she dresses and you hold close one more time before saying goodbye, if only for the present...

Perhaps now you would consider leaving order to accounting, and enjoy life and pleasure in whatever direction it leads you in.


Blogger Spirit said...

wow ....welcome back

2:15 a.m.  
Blogger Mr Happy said...

Such a sensual tale of lust and want.
Enjoyed every word of the journey to release

5:28 p.m.  
Blogger Fantom said...

Teasing fingers leading to mutual pleasure always leave lustful bodies desiring more... I hope we get it...

6:41 a.m.  
Blogger 雪糕 said...

You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................

7:28 a.m.  
Blogger 九份 said...

We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.............................................

7:28 a.m.  

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